Insert Database not working

I have a table on SQL Server called ‘Table’
I keep getting the error "Incorrect Syntax near the keyword ‘Table’.
My datatable on uipath matches SQL exactly so I’m really confused.

Can you paste the sql query you are sending thru uipath.

The error suggests, there is some error in the insert query.

This error mostly happens when you miss the keyword VALUES in the Insert query.

Sample: Insert into table_name(col1, col2) values (val1, val2)

Karthik Byggari

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hope you have not included TABLE keyword in the query instead of the keyword table use your respective table name.

For example if you have a table named Employee_Tbl then your insert query should be

INSERT INTO Employee_Tbl ( Employee_Name , Employee_Age )
VALUES ( ‘ABC’ , 23 );