Add Queue Items : Type Data Row

Hi Guys,
Can not we add Queue Item of Type : Data Row ? I am getting error while doing that. Where ever i googled found, that we need to get each value of the data row & pass in argument of Add Queue Item.

Is it not possible to have Input as Data Row.?

Hi @Ashish6541,

The only data type a queue accepts is a String. I recommend the following:

Dispatcher: Have a datatable 1 row in a variable & use the Output DataTable activity to convert the DataTable to a String, push it to the Queue.

Performer: Convert the String to DataTable using Generate DataTable activity & access the first row always.

Hope that helps. Kudos :slight_smile:


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Hi @Nithin_P
Thanks for the information - This helps & I am able to get the Data Table for Processor by the following your suggested step.

I have few more things to clear, Please help me with this.
I am able to get Data Table from the Queue Items (by converting DT to String to DT). I need to do achieve two more objective in the same workflow

  • I need to write the converted DT to a Sheet.
  • I need to loop into the DT.

Challenge I a, facing as follow,
When i check the checkbox then i am able to write the output data table with the header in excel it works, but when i try to retrieve the data using row(0)… etc - It is giving output for column header also.

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