Input URL by using the config file

Hi all,

When I’m doing the advanced training assignment 1, I had set the URL in the config file, as below:

After that, I try to use the created argument, System1_URL to open the brower, as below:

But, I get this error and I dun know wats going on.

Anyone can help me to solve this issue?


You need to read the excel store that value in a variable.
The use that variable to initiate the opening of the URL.
How to perfrom this step is given in the walkthrough document given with the case study.

Hi @priyanka.yadav18,

Do you means I need to add a read range activity before the open browser activity?
But since I am using the REFramework template, there is a workflow reading the config file ady.
Do I need to invoke that workflow to retrieve the value?
Or do you might screenshot the step in the walkthrough document?
Because I don’t quiet understand, thank you.


Hi, you should try invoking the InitAllSettings workflow

I’m having the same problem. I’m invoking the InitAllSettings workflow and I just get a null variable.

Me aslo Same Problem ,Can any one send Video Files, How to create and How to Use that


I have a doubt, Which purpose the config file will Use. It is Like Storing Data Ina Excel Sheet. Can any One explain Please?

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