Getting URL from Settings

Hello everyone!

so I saved a URL to the config file and now i want to use it within the Activity “Open Browser”.

I tried to just type in the given name but that did not work.
I searched for the problem and tried the following, which was suggested in another topic:
but that also didn’t work. I tried it without .ToString as well.

Anyone having a clue how to propperly to this?

The URL sits in the Setting sheet of the config.xlsx and is named “LogInKimai”

Mahrie :bear:


Can you print the below value using Message Box activity and check what it is printing.



Check this thread for ideas to solve this

And May i know what error you are getting when using

Cheers @mahrie

It won’t let me. It complains about “Config” beeing inaccessible.

Check the config is declared, check the arguments are passing correctly

Check the variable scope is correct like is it for full sequence


Thanks, i forgot to create the variable for the config dictionary!

Mahrie :bear:

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No worries @mahrie

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