How to pick/open url from Excel

How do i open URL from Excel as given in the above SS.

IN REF, when the init state workflow executes, all the settings will be loaded into config or in_config object dictionary.

To read the URL, for example

sys1_URL = config("System1_URL").ToString

To get any value, follow the below format -

variable = configObject("Name").ToString

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @ramkrishna2k3,
If you want to do it for a config file, you would need to create a relevant argument in the workflow in the Arguments tab - e.g called “in_URL”. Then you need to import its value from a config file via “Import Arguments” e.g. if the Name in the config file is “System1_WorkItemsURL” (like you have “System1_URL”), then it would look like that:

Then you just need to apply this argument “in_URL” e.g. in "NavigateTo activity within Attach Browser scope.

Does this solve your problem?


I want to open different URLs from excel one by one and then from that URLs i want to get specific data like Name or Zipcode or price etc in excel,

Can you please help me with this task

Read all URLs into a data table and iterate thru a data table.

  1. Build a data table with the required data (columns) - dtOutput
  2. For Each row in DTURL
    //Get data from URL
    //Add row to a data table dtOutput

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for Replying,

I did first step, but for Get Text is not working. I am not getting data in excel sheet.