Problem when Open Browser using config file

Please help me to fix it.

@marcus1206 check what System1URL variable contains by displaying the value.

Here is the Argument that I created

And in the config file

@marcus1206 display the System1URL using writeline/message box to check what the variable extracting from excel.

Did you read the Config file

And then passed it while invoking Login.xaml


Hello I need to read config file in Login.xaml or what? Please explain for this?

Use InitAllSettings.xaml to get the Config file values before Login.xaml, then you will be able to use values saved in Config.xlsx like



When I invoke InitAllSetting and try to write Line it work
But i assign to variable Like this it has problem. What is promblem ?

I declare argument in InitAllApplicaltion, And How can I read arguments in each workflow such as System1_Login, SH1-Online_Login.

It not understand this

It means that your variable contains nothing.