Input specific values from an excel sheet

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I have this excel sheets with account numbers under “Acct”. I currently have a type into and I want the robot to read specifically read cells B6:B16 those account numbers and automate and input them into a box in an application. How would I do this to where I only want to input the values from B6:B16.


  1. Define a counter variabler(say counter) and assign default value as 6
  2. While(counter < 17)
    Read cell using read cell activity. In the cell property, give “B” + Counter.tostring()
    Now you can perform type into
    increment counter value by 1
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Hi Pranav!

When we want to get data from Excel we typically use the Read Range Activity.

You can specify the range in the properties (e.g. “B6:B16”). Then iterate through the values with For Each Row activity and perform the sequence to input the value to your application.

This is kind of static however, it gets a little more complicated, when you want to deal with these ranges dynamically.

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What variable would I put into my type into?

The value you want to type is in the first column of the CurrentRow (previous versions just call it row) inside the For Each Row activity.

Either you get the column name while reading the range, then the value is in CurrentRow(“Acct”).ToString or you just use CurrentRow(0).ToString

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I am getting this error for my read range. In my automation I have to locate the specific tab in my application then enter in the account number, where would I place the read range to not get this error

Duplicate of

what would I put into my type into here

Looks like your in_config argument is empty :wink:

You can save the output of read cell activity. This activity is giving you output of that particular cell, store in an output variable(say var1) from properties panel.

Now you can put this var1 in type into activity to type that account number