How to read cell and choose in drop down

Hi, I want the robot to read cell B2 in one cell, and from the data, choose an option from another cell, D2 and i want this to repeat for a few rows. I have placed it inside a do-while activity, my problem is the read cell. it keeps reading the same first-row cell, B2, and doesn’t follow down is there a way for the robot to read the cell of the row I’m currently in. hence, the dropdown option for the following rows would be based on the read cell B2. I want it to if it reads B3, B4, B5 so on and so forth. please help me!!

Hi @sjvdr

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This post can be useful for you.

Instead of type into you can add another activity according to your requirement.

hi. assuming cell b2 contains the drop down menu and d2 the cell that needs to be read.
i am using ctrl+G: to go to cell d2 and read the cell
then I am using hotkey to send the bot to b2 and choose an option
the option is chosen using a click activity( this has been placed in a dowhile activity, as I need this process to repeat for a few times)
i need the robot to read the cell that is on the same row as the drop down men so if I’m at b3 i need it to read cell d3. is there a way to do so. pls help.

Can you share the excel?