Input field disappears when user starts typing

Hi, All!

I am trying to create a form that allows users to submit and download a file. My process includes typing in a code once the Upload button is clicked. However, whenever I try to start typing, the input field disappears.

I’m using the ff configurations:

How can I fix this?

Here is my uiform - (1.3 KB)

Thank you!


Looks like because of hidden property…toggle the same and check


Hi! I turned on the hidden property by default because what I wanted to do is if the Upload button if clicked, then the Password field should display. I added a logic on Password field that if the Upload button triggered an event, it’s property will be unhidden.

Is there any alternative of my implementation? I’d like to try the simple trigger on condition tab of Password property wherein to display the component if submit is clicked. But I dont know how since it’s a trigger is button and doesnt have value.


Generally submit type buttons will have the name as returned…so try using that


Were you able to solve this? @_pjflo