Assignment 2 Upload File

Hi I am working on the Generate Yearly Report assignment. I am facing issue where need to type the file name to upload the file. However file name is not typing to upload the file. Everything looks good.

What could be the issue. Can someone please help.

Hello :wave:
could you be more specific? Which type of User Control should receive your input? Cane you share the way you’re trying to input the file name?


May i know what error are you getting here ? Could you please tell more details about the issue and so that we can help you better.

can you try to implement a “click before typing” in the properties of your type into? also disable your “simulate click” if you have enabled. set a “delaybefore” of 2000 as well and “wait for ready” to complete. and then try again

I deleted the activity and again added type into activity and it is working now.