Type into not working correctly

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I need to type the file path in the box with this selector:

The bots type into the file name, but when I click on the button “Add”

the name of the fyle disappears.
How to ensure that the filename remains written in the box? It seems that the Bot performs a delete key.

It’s very urgent.

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are we getting the same when we are doing manually
Cheers @CamiCat

Thank you @Palaniyappan.
No when I do it manually the path doesn’t disappear from the Box.

The selector of the box is this
“webctrl id=‘urlName’ tag=‘INPUT’ parentname=‘FileUpload’ type=‘file’ />”
Have you got idead @Palaniyappan?
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Kindly add a DELAY between TYPE INTO and CLICK activity

And try once
Cheers @CamiCat

Hello @CamiCat,

What is the input type of ClickInto(simulate/default)?
Try switching between these types.
If it doesn’t work, add a click activity after TypeInto.
Hope this helps.


Thank you @Palaniyappan,

it deletes the field :frowning:

can i have a view on the property panel of TYPE INTO activity
Cheers @CamiCat

I type into the path in the box which appears after clicking on “Sfoglia”.

Then I should click on “Apri”.
Then on Add

So were we able to do till this


Yes, then the bot clears the content of the textbox before clicking on “Add”.
Don’t know why @Palaniyappan

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so when we do manually what will happen once after clicking Add, like will the link be there in that field