Inputted text disappears from input boxes or properties when opened

Usually when I enter some text to assign activity input or any property I have a lot of issues when trying to modify the field after that. Any ideas what happens here?


Hi @Jyrki_Heinonen,
I also face this problem sometimes, one thing that I have been doing is to click Cancel and open it again.

Hi @qateam,
Could you please advise?

What do you mean by “a lot”?

There are not a lot problems with input fields with single line of text, but a lot of problems with multiple lines of text.

Rough questimate of “a lot” is at least every third or fourth edit needs one to ten retries (open edit from the ellipsis or straight from the text value → value disappears completely or partly → Ctrl-Z or something to undo the damage… rinse and repeat)

known issue for the assign activity

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Same issue. Quite annoying :frowning:

same issue, very frustrating

What activity?