Input dialog window appears in background

The process I am currently testing includes an input dialog where the user is supposed to enter a date.
Instead of having a standard popup behaviour - the window being on top, focused with the ability to start typing straight away, the dialog window is doing a “pop under”. It is generated, its icon flashes in the taskbar, but it is not on top of all the windows I currently have open.
What do I need to do to avoid this behaviour?

Happens in the most basic sequences with just 1 step - the input dialog

hi @Cris

which Uipath Version you are using?

With older stable version like 2016.1.6075 we don’t have any option to make it topmost.

But with latest stable release i.e version 2016.2.* in input dialog message activity properties it will be show at topmost
checked it and you will be able to see the input box is appearing on top checking it also on newer version i am getting it on top of all screens.



Thank you for your reply.

I am using a trial version.
The version shown in Start-Help menu is 2016.2.6192 (built one month ago)

Strangely, I am unable to see the option that you mention. Screenshot attached.

hi @Cris

Sorry for miss assumption due to writing confliction you will be find this option in only message box i have mentioned this because in older stable version this was the same issue like input box but in latest version i have not faced such issues.

Input box always will come on top. i guess in .net form input dialog will always come on top because of its default topmost property.

@adrian or @badita anyone? will you please guide us on this?


I think it’s an issue. We’ll need to test.

I guess this could be relevant information:
Message box with TopMost property activated does appear on top, but it is not focused. I can’t simply press “Enter” to continue, I need to select the popup first.

Using Windows 7 Enterprise edition
Let me know if I can provide further information to troubleshoot this.

Hello again.
While we haven’t done any specific changes, the problem seems to have disappeared on its own.

Hi all,

This is an old thread, but I’m experiencing the same issue with the Input Dialog not being the topmost window. My Studio is 2017.1.6435.

I’ve tested under the following scenarios:

1 - No other windows open; Run workflow; Input Dialog is visible (topmost by default), but not focused.

2 - Multiple other windows open & maximised; Run workflow; Input Dialog is not topmost / visible.

I could possibly workaround with a Parallel to click the Input Dialog window, haven’t tested that yet…



@dlp1980, do you have a workflow or workflows you can share to tinker with?

Same here. I’m on the standard latest Studio version, not on Trial. It would be nice to have a fix.