Input dialog window appears in background (Community Edition 2009.8.0)

This is an old issue, that is repeating again, Input Dialog is appearing in background (very annoying), I´m using community edition 2019.8.0

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Hmm…actually it would come in foreground for sure
Kindly try once again by recreating the process and also by restarting the machine
Make sure that we have latest version of dot net framework

Cheers @lfbanos

Even I faced this issue once. I just kept message box in first place, so skipped this problem for time being.

Palaniyappan, thanks for your reply:

I already had updated to de latest .Net Framework (4.7.2 Developer Kit), and restarted the computer, it is still doing the same, the process is as follows:

1.- Open Browser
2.- Set Text
3.- Input Dialog (It works, but is still in the backgroud)

What do you mean with recreating the process? Begin from 0 and do it again?


An Image of the outline:

Like create the whole process again freshly in studio once after restarting the system

Cheers @lfbanos

Same issue here?
How can I fix this?