Background dialog input

Hi people !
I’m having a problem with the Input Dialog as it keeps dropping into the background, to have a productive impact on automation I need it to be in the foreground.
do you have any functionality to improve this functionality or another functionality that replaces the Input Dialog ?

I’m using enterprise version 2021.10.4

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Hey @Luan

What are you trying to do with that input dialog please…

This will help understand better and provide an appropriate solution…

Kindly. Thanks

Well whenever input dialog box is used it would actually come foreground

First approach is like try upgrading the system activity package and give a try


In this particular case before using input dialog box use a SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY and use key as ctrl+d
So that it gets us to desktop and then use input dialog box so that you can see only the input dialog box activity getting on foreground


To the best practice before opening any application

  • first close all the application in your machine with kill process activity
  • use a input dialog box activity and get the input from user
  • and then try opening any application

Cheers @Luan

@Nithinkrishna, @Palaniyappan i think i found a solution, change the (xaml) file to another xaml process folder.

thank you all !

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