Input Dialog box in StudioX


Is there a way to get a text input from user during runtime in StudioX? Something similar to “Input Dialog box” in UIPath Studio?

In tutorials, I can see an “Ask When run” option in Type Into activity, but I dont see it in my StudioX

you have ask when run available almost on each activity and since newer releases you have the exact Input Dialog from Studio.
which version do you run?

Hello… it’s 2019.10.2

Oh, that’s a preview version unsupported anymore. try to upgrade if possible to at least 19.12 or to get full capabilities to 20.10

Thank you for your response. I have installed 20.4 now and still donot see the option. I also do not see most of the excel related activities.

I have 19.10 UIPath Studio installed on my system as well. Do you think that is interfering with the StudioX installation? Should that be uninstalled before installing StudioX?

yes. uninstall both and then clean install again the newer version. i recommend you 20.10 for latest studiox experience, if you can.
but also 20.4 has ask when run. Input dialog was introduced in 20.10

Thank you very much for your help!!

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