How to check the Input Value by use and ask until data is not provided

I have a scenario where I am giving a option to user to select type from defined check boxes. Now the user need to select one of the check box. However if user doesn’t check the box flow is still going ahead with empty values.

Now I need to enforce user to select one the item. Please guide how I can do that.


Hi Bicky,

You can check the result of the input dialog. If it is empty, show a warning/notification message for the user and then show again the input dialog.
There is no option to force the user to select a value from the Input Dialog activity, but you can design your custom Input Dialog activity, if you wish.


Thanks. I was looking for a way where we can check like " if value is null or 0 then prompt user else continue" in UI Path

@bickyStudy Check the output value of input dialog box in if condition

You can use Get attribute activity with “checked” as input attribute on each checkbox and check the output of all the activity, put those output variables with or condition in While loop.
Loop will continue until one of the attribute value returns true.

Thanks . I have added a decision activity to check the value is Null or Empty and then point it to the input prompt till we have a positive value.