Missing activity in GetAppCredentials

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i wanted to use the REFramework and the file “GetAppCredentials” which was a part of that FW before. But it wasn’t there. So i got it from GitHub → GitHub - UiPath/ReFrameWork: Robotic Enterprise Framework Template

Sadly, when i try to use that file i get a bunch of broken activities, why is that and what can i do to fix this?
Here you see an example:

Thanks alot!
Mahrie :bear:

Hi @mahrie ,

Please make sure that you’re using the latest packages.
Click on the blue arrows to update the packages.

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ensure following:

check out for this the package manager

I have 2.0.0

thats the reason, you would have to downgrade this package or to rebuild / replace the activities when keeping 2.0.0

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i did Update everything there, but i does not work still.

Downgrading worked just fine. Thanks alot!

Mahrie :bear:

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