Init stage error : "message": "Invoke ACME_Login workflow: Value does not fall within the expected range.",

Hi, I am trying to work on init application stage, trying to create a re framework to login and open the acme website and get to the table. Getapp credential works fine, but I am getting error on login workflow. Looks like it is not even opening the browser. Need help. I have attached the relevant screenshots for reference. thank you in advance!

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Hi @pranavbaraskar, first of all welcome to our community!

Check this example below, compare with your xaml file and let me know if it works.

System1_Open.xaml (17.0 KB)

Hope it help you

~Diego Turati

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thank you Diego, I will check and let you know

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HI Diego
I am doing the same, if you have the file for final mock test that would be a real help. as I am using the re framework and not one process let me attach more screenshots for clarification

Hi, try to follow this post below:

I think is the same problem you’re facing.

~Diego Turati

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this is assignment 1, do you have the files for the final mock test that would be really helpful

HI @pranavbaraskar

I guess it would be easy to locate the problem if you run it in debug mode. in INITAllApplication.xaml you invoke your login.xaml right. Right click on the invoke activity of the login.xaml and select on Add break point. Then go back to the main workflow and run the entire solution using the Debug mode. This way, it will run on its own until it reaches the point that you added the debug point and stop there. Next, you can execute every task step by step. TO do this, click on next step button on the top ribbon and do it step by step. This way you will also be able to see the values in arguments & parameters. It would be easiler to locate it.

Additionally, check few things.

  1. You have properly added the credential in the config settings sheet & also in the orchestrator
  2. proper URL is given
  3. Open browser activity is used to open the browser.
  4. Proper arguments are being passed to your login.xaml

Let know whether this help


here is the error in detail after running in debug mode
I did double checked the 4 points you mentioned and they all appear to be fine, i really appreciate you taking time to help me

not sure how can url be null


Try to print the URL before open browser activity once and see.

If it is not printing that means value is not coming to this workflow. And also check whether you passed arguments directions properly or not.

Hi @pranavbaraskar

It seems to be that in_URL variable does not have a value

That is why you are getting this error. By the look at it, it looks like an argument that gets passed to your login.xaml file. In the invoke activity of the login.xaml make sure you get the URL properly from the config file. For in_URL pass the value as below from the config under edit parameters.

In case you are calling the login.xaml within the InitAllApplications.xaml, make sure you have the config file passed to it as well.

This should work


After trying this, is it printed any URL or not ?

can someone please continue helping here, i am stil not able to print url but i can print the username in login.xaml and not the actual url for some reason it is not getting in login.xaml

i am able to print url in initallsettings

Hi @Pranav123,
First things firts make your address in config a plain text, not an URL. I saw on screenshot that it’s displayed in excel config in blue color what means it’s treated as url. Sometimes this is causing the error. Second thing as @Lahiru.Fernando observed your in_URL argument is null. Check the place where you are invoking your login.xaml (should be in Init state machine) and check if you are passing argument properly.

Config(“System1_URL”).ToString where _ missing in value colunm