I can log in ACME by running directly the workflow file, by running the main workflow (Initialization), BUT NOT by running the InitAllApplications workflow

I attached the 3 workflow files.

No idea why it works (can log in ACME System1) when I run Login_ACME_System1, when I run Main and doesn’t in the 3rd case.
Main.xaml (59.3 KB) InitAllApplications.xaml (6.3 KB) Login_ACME_System1.xaml (15.3 KB)

@Cardon_Cezar Usually that error points out that “There is no value supplied to a variable or to an Argument” In this Case, it is clearly Showing the Invoked Workflow Sequence, So Check all the Variables and Arguments that you are passing is empty or not.

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Hi @supermanPunch

I understand that, but for the the settings are correct, so I don’t know what to check anymore.
I attached the full project as zip:
ReFramework_ACME.zip (1.7 MB)

Here are the settings in Login_ACME_System1:

Here are the settings in Main:

Here are the settings of InitAllApplications:

@Cardon_Cezar In ExtractAll_WI’s Workflow Since After Extracting the Datatable you need to send it out, The Direction should be Out but you have put it as In :sweat_smile:

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Hi @supermanPunch

Is that the root cause?
If yes, please reply also here:

… in order to mark also there that you provided the solution.

@Cardon_Cezar No, I got Still more errors :sweat_smile:, Trying to find the Cause of those as well

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@Cardon_Cezar I was able to Correct the Initialization Stage errors, It executes the Init Part and the Get Transaction Part, Can you Correct the errors from the Process Part onwards :sweat_smile:

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Sure, thank you very very much

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