Information on Simultaneous Background Processes in UiPath

. I am reaching out to request assistance in locating information related to the simultaneous execution of background processes in UiPath.

While studying on the de Academy platform some time ago, I remember a course discussing runtimes and explaining the following concept:

“A runtime is the combination of machine, robot, and user. Each runtime is capable of executing up to 5 processes in the background simultaneously, but only 1 process in the foreground at a time.”

Recently, the UiPath courses were updated, and I am having difficulty finding the specific course or relevant information within the documentation that covered this topic. I need this information to properly dimension a process and determine how many background processes a attended robot can execute.

Could you please guide me to the relevant documentation or provide information on how I can access details regarding the simultaneous execution of background processes in UiPath?

Your prompt assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Hope this is what you are looking for


No, I already read that part of the documentation and it only mentions that an unattended robot can run multiple processes in the background simultaneously but it does not specify how many and it does not talk about what I remember it called runtime.

I require this information to size a project.

As far as I know, there is no limitaion of number of processing Background process, I think.
At least, 6 background processes run at same time in my environment (23.10.0 Enterprise).


Hi @alexis.mendoza.rpa ,

To again iterate on the docs shared, we see that for attended, we will not have any issues with running multiple background processes with a Single Attended license, however for Multiple Processes to run in an unattended manner, we do need the equal number of runtimes/licenses for it.


As mentioned in doc…we can start multiple using attended…I dont see any limitation. A Simple test would reveal the same, Started almost 10 instances in a go

but unattended needs separate license for each run


but and unattendet process???

Do you mean that if I need to execute 5 processes simultaneously, I need 5 robots?

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As @supermanPunch mentioned, it depends number of licenses at least.


Do you mean that if I need to run 5 processes simultaneously, I need 5 robots?
Can you explain that to me?


Do you mean unattended robot? If so, 5 UR licenses is necessary. Please note that background process in UR runs in session 0. The following document also helps you.



5 licenses are needed to run 5 background processes in unattended mode

In unattended rather it is foreground or background it still needs a license to run…


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