Can UiPath Run Multiple Process Concurrently?

There is an RPA solution which runs multiple processes concurrently as long as they do not use mouse or keyboard activities. Is there also an option of running multiple processes in UiPath?

Yes. You can run as many processes as you have bots (at least). There are cases where you can have a background process running while in attended mode as well.

If you mean in the same machine, then UiPath dont have it yet, not sure if are considering to do so, as this would be so limiting in how the processes can handle…

Hello @Daun

In UiPath we can run multiple processes parallel to each process… However, if you are running these processes in the same machine with just one robot, these processes needs to be background processes.

You can run multiple background processes simultaneously… However, if the process interact with UI elements, those foreground processes cannot be executed paralle to each foreground process…

You can only run one foreground process at a time. However, you can have multiple background processes running parallel to one foreground process…


oops, sorry if i said it wrong then, where can i read more about this?


Hey bro @bcorrea

You can read about it here…


Thank you!

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And to round off the information, if you have multiple Robots or concurrent runtimes, you can configure your host and UiPath for “High-Density” mode which would also require additional RDS CAL from Microsoft.

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