Simultaneously multiple jobs in unattended mode


Please help me with some information. I use the community version.
I provided the machine template with the runtime available and connected 2 machines to this machine template.
I tried to run 2 foreground processes simultaneously and somehow it worked, but only once. I tried again and it is pending.

Also, I found this explanation in an orchestrator tutorial and I don’t understand exactly how to use this information: “An unattended robot can run maximum one foreground process and as many background processes. Hence, from the options presented, those that can be run are those that involve maximum 3 jobs created using a foreground process.”
at this question: " Which of the following sets of jobs can be run simultaneously using a pool of 3 machines connected using the same machine template having 3 runtimes?"
with these answers: 1. 5 jobs created using a background process & 2. 3 jobs created using a foreground process and 5 jobs created using a background process

My questions are:

  1. Is there any chance to run multiple background processes and 1 foreground process simultaneously in unattended mode with only 1 unattended license?
  2. Can 2 machines connected to same machine template provided with 1 runtime run simultaneously processes(regardless foreground or background)?

Any other information that can help me understand better the situation would be helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Antonia_Bureata

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Each running process consumes a separate license. Therefore, you need more than one unattended license to run multiple processes at the same time.

A background process is a process that does not require user interaction or UI elements. A foreground process is a process that needs to interact with UI elements or user events.

The number of runtimes assigned to a machine template determines the number of unattended licenses consumed when the UiPath Robot is running on the machine. Therefore, if you have only one runtime assigned to your machine template, you can only run one process at a time on any of the connected machines.

To run simultaneous processes on two machines connected to the same machine template, you need to assign at least two runtimes to your machine template.



This might give you good information

Background Process Automation.

And yes each process needs one license.


Thank you!

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