"Indicate Element" by Default, Not working for some applications


Inspect/Indicate Element is not working by Default to select elements correctly. Changing “UI Frameworks” to Ui Automation let’s it work, however in Studio or Default will not work.

This only happens on certain applications or areas, like Excel’s ribbon or the IE Download popup/Save/Open

Steps to reproduce:

In Windows 7 Environment…

From Studio, choose Indicate Element - Highlight Ribbon in Excel.
or From UiExplorer, using Default Framework, choose Indicate Element:
From UiExplorer, using Ui Automation Framework, choose Indicate Element:

Current Behavior:

By Default, Entire Ribbon is highlighted rather than each element
See image above

Expected Behavior:

By Default, each element should be selected
See image above

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Studio Version: 2018.4.3
OS Version: Windows 7 and possibly Windows 10
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):
.NEW Framework Version 4.6.2
UiAutomation Activities Version 19.5.0
Excel Version 2010
IE Version 11

Note: this occurs in other applications such as the IE Download prompt for Save As/Open. Also, this was working correctly previously a few weeks ago, I believe.

Workarounds, but requires extensive coding changes for multiple projects:
Use Ui Automation in UiExplorer to find selector and replace selector in code.
Use Keystrokes to perform features on the Ribbon.

Please Advise.

Let me know if additional information is needed.


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Hi @ClaytonM,
Just for test purposes. Could you check if with older version of UiAutomation Activities version problem is the same?

Good idea.
I tried with 19.1, 18.4.5, 18.4.2, 18.3
It still did same thing, selecting entire ribbon rather than the individual elements.


Hey @ClaytonM

Would you mind logging a ticket with our technical support? I know our team is taking regression issues seriously, and having a ticket open would allow us to better track the issue (and escalate it when needed).

We have some trouble reproducing. Could you try this maybe:

  1. Close all apps and studio
  2. Delete nuget cache folder
  3. Create a new project with just UiAutomation 19.5 installed

Let’s see how it goes then

I created a support case on this issue.

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Using this suggestion.
I cleared the files located at “%localappdata%\UiPath” by renaming the folder and a new folder was generated when I opened Studio. Please advise if I cleared cache in wrong place.

Then, I updated UiAutomation from 18.4 to 19.5, and placed a Click activity:

However, it did not resolve issue:

Also, this is happening on multiple machines, so it’s not isolated to only one person.

Could a Windows Update cause this?
Here is a list of updates that came through a week ago for me:


As anticipated this is the issue caused by windows security update.
We fixed this by registering oleacc.dll file using the guide attached here https://studio.uipath.com/docs/identifying-ui-elements-after-windows-updates#section-registering-the-oleacc-dll-file

Thanks @ClaytonM @loginerror @Pablito for your help.


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