Incrementing character

I have a variable alphaName=“A”. I want to increment its value till “Z”. How do I do this using UiPath.

Hey @tech_incubator

Well if you want to increment char for the Excel Column Mapping need then you can check this existing thread.
Get last column of Excel sheet in Alphanumeric form - #7 by aksh1yadav

or if you want to stick with the above query then please find the attached Workflow as per your need:

Char Input = "A"C;
Char next_char = Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToUInt16(Input) +1) // will Give you Next Character i.e. B

If you want characters from A to Z then you can use loop till 26 and use counter here :slight_smile: just same i have used in my example :slight_smile:

Incrementing_Char.xaml (6.9 KB)



for each item(char) in Enumerable.Range(Convert.ToInt16("A"c), 26) _
.Select(Function(i) Convert.ToChar(i))

print item.tostring

It prints all the charcaters

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