Incrementing character

I have a variable alphaName=“A”. I want to increment its value till “Z”. How do I do this using UiPath.

Hey @tech_incubator

Well if you want to increment char for the Excel Column Mapping need then you can check this existing thread.
Get last column of Excel sheet in Alphanumeric form

or if you want to stick with the above query then please find the attached Workflow as per your need:

Char Input = "A"C;
Char next_char = Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToUInt16(Input) +1) // will Give you Next Character i.e. B

If you want characters from A to Z then you can use loop till 26 and use counter here :slight_smile: just same i have used in my example :slight_smile:

Incrementing_Char.xaml (6.9 KB)



for each item(char) in Enumerable.Range(Convert.ToInt16("A"c), 26) _
.Select(Function(i) Convert.ToChar(i))

print item.tostring

It prints all the charcaters

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