If an excel having more than 26 columns

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]Through this link we can able to increment the columns upto 26 if we are having 78 columns like AA,AB,AC…,BA,BB,BC… what we have to do.Its very urgent anyone knows please reply.
Thanks in Advance

Excuse me if this doesn’t work in your case, but you can just use the column index as followed: Datatable.Columns(index).

Hey @Saiharshitha

You can go through with my attached Files :slight_smile: . it will solve your problem :slight_smile:
Excel_Column_Name_mapping.xaml (7.8 KB)
ExcelINcrementChar_Version2.xaml (2.1 KB)

Just Download Both in a same place and Run ExcelINcrementChar_Version2. xaml .

Let me know if you still having any prob.


Hi aksh1yadav,
Iam not getting it. Can you show the changes in the xaml which i attached the topic.
Thank you.

Hey @Saiharshitha

What you are not getting? let me know :slight_smile:

Those refereed posts are mine only i have changed a bit simple logic and you can see attached files as per your problem.
just for your information the value they are writing is currently on console. so you can change it as per your further usage. :slight_smile: