Write Range Horizontal

Hi Guys,

I’m breaking my head on this… so i’m asking for your help!

I need to write a variable that changes everytime to an excel file. But it has to be horizontal.
Example i need to write from A1 to B1 to C1 … but with big data…
It keeps bugging me that something simple as this takes me this long. Please relieve me from this burden :smiley:

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Can you share mote info regarding this.

Pavan H

HI, what exactly is your ‘big data’? To keep track of the column letter, simply increment it by Chr(Asc(letter) + 1).ToString. Once you reach Z, you will have to make it so that it allows for AA, AB, etc.
Hope that helps.

Hi @Joeri_Rethy

I think this post will help you to get what you are looking for…

just don’t break your head. we are hear to help :smiley:

Let know how it goes bro!!

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