How to increment the Cell Character (alphabet) in an excel sheet


I have a scenario, where in i want to increment the cell character…

We have a cell name in an excel sheet as “A1”,now, for the next iteration,i want to make it as “B1” and “C1” and so on, basically only alphabet should increment but not the numeric.

Please suggest


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there are several method to do this simple method is create a char array of A to Z and loop char array and assign the value into Read cell activity value

charArry = {A,B,C,D,…,Z}
Cell value ----> char+“1”


Didnt worked,is it possible for you to attach the snippet…I am finding it bit confusing here.

I build a Data Table to iterate the column range. Please go through this it useful for your increment of column range.1.xlsx (7.8 KB) Main.xaml (8.5 KB)

Please refer the workflow if this is what you are looking for please update as the correct answer (11.1 KB)

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Worked fine

Thank you

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This worked fine and handy as well, Thanks :grinning:

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