Increase TimeOut to start Internet Explorer


Is there a way to increase the timeout value when starting Internet Explorer?

Specifically, I noticed two things when building a workflow using Open Browser to navigate to “”:

  • First, not one, but two IE browser windows open (“NewSession” is unchecked, and IE is not running when executing the workflow)

  • Second, due to virus scanner, internal proxy etc. - all things outside of my control - the workflow times out before the browser windows opens and loads (the error message being “Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser”).

At this stage, if the timeout value cannot be changed, the only option I can think of is setting ContinueOnError to True, and building a wait activity in, before using Navigate To.

Has anyone done that successfully, or is there a better way?

Thanks, Philipp

PS For reference I’m using IE 11.1331, and UiPath 2019.4.4.


No worries
Usually OPEN BROWSER won’t have any TIMEOUT Property so that we can change the default value to time we need (the default value is 30 seconds)

So to handle this we got two options
—either we can use DELAY activity inside the OPEN BROWSER activity as a first activity within it
With time span we need in this format hh:mm:ss

—or we can use ON ELEMENT APPEAR or ON IMAGE APPEAR activity (if it’s a image) as a first activity which will look for the statement in the screen and once found will give us a BOOLEAN variable as output with which we can decide whether to proceed further or not

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Philipp_Maier


Thanks, @Palaniyappan! I’ll try these options, and keepings my fingers crossed…

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Kindly try and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Philipp_Maier

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