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Currently I am trying to get the open browser activity to continue on error earlier than it is now. The activity opens a link that downloads a file in IE and next activities open the file and work in it. The problem is, that the website closes every time the file is downloaded and I assume this is why UIpath sees the activity as not correctly run (although it is since the download window has opened). Right now it downloads twice before the “timeout” occurs and since I have set it on true, it then continues next activities (nice).
Is there any way for the open browser activity to realise its activity has been run succesfully so I don’t need to wait for the 30 seconds timeout? Or is there another way to open a file from a link?

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Try to use Navigate to activity and give the url address in it if the website is closed.

Hope it works

A Manohar

Thaths probably becouse you are using the download adress to the website so:

1 - Open website page with no direct download.
2- Open a new browser like you have now with your activitis and when this one close(All you have till now) you will have the 1st to continue your work.
3 - Or reopen the website after All you have till now to perform you next activities.

thanks for your answer. This might be a very stupid question but what do I write in browser in the activity if I want it to open in IE?


just use attach browser activity and indicate the screen and in Do perform the actions you want.

I think i didnt write my question clearly: in the navigate to activity what do i write in the browser input for it to actually work?

use attach browser activity and indicate the screen of IE and in Do perform navigate to in this give the previous website url address you want to open after downloading the file as it is closing after downloading the file.

Np, you can always use option 3

1 - Open website page with no direct download.
2 - Browser Close
3- Open browser again
4- Perform what ever you whant

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