Include IBM.Data.informix



I’m trying to include Informix CSDK assembly (IBM.Data.Informix.dll) into my UiPath project. I’ve read all possilble tutorials on how to add external dll’s so i did following.


  1. I created class library referencing IBM.Data.Informix.dll and created two dummy methods - first one just returning string and second one trying to use a method from Informix CSDK and again returning just a string - I expect this method to throw exception since there is intentionally invalid Connection String. Its just there so I can see if I can call methods from Informix assembly.

  1. I’ve created nuget package and installed it in UiPath

Current Behavior:

When I try to call testConnection() method, everything works as expected.

But when I try to call getConnection() method I get following error:

I don’t understand why the IBM.Data.Informix dll cannot be find. I checked my %ProgramData%/UiPath/Activities and I can see it there together with the created assembly.

I’d be very thankful for any help regarding this issue.


Strange. Never tried it in this way. :thinking: But instead did you try adding IBM.Data.Informix as dependencies while generating the package from Package Explorer’s Dependency editor.?

Rammohan B.


Hi Rammohan91 and thank you for your reply.

I tried to include IBM.Data.Informix as dependency and UiPath gave me this error:
Im trying to solve this issue right now.

But I was thinking, isn’t there a way to “put directly” IBM.Data.Informix.dll into UiPath without writing my own Activity or the approach I did above? What I mean is, isn’t there a way to use IBM.Data.Informix namespace in the Imports tab here?


Ok I solved the issue - I had to use 32-bit IBM.Data.Informix.dll.


Hi @robert_s,

Just for an information i am asking you. Did you try to connect the database by Database activities of UiPath instead of custom activity…




I did use the Connect Activity in different occasions but in this case I need native connector to Informix and not ODBC - which I believe is used if you use the Connect Activity.