UiPath connection to IBM MQ?

Hello Everyone;

I am trying to connect UiPath to IBM MQ, but i am having no luck so far.

I tried to invoke the code form the following page, but it wouldn’t work on UiPath:

IBM Documentation

Anyone successfully integrated it? any help is direly needed.

Thanks in advance


Did you get any error, can you post the error here for us to understand it better.

If you have server installation for the IBM MQ, then try to use these dlls to integrate with IBM MQ. - MQIC32.DLL otherwise MQIC.DLL

unfortunately i don’t have the server installation (yet), and i wanted to know, how to use the DLL in UiPath? ( a bit of a noob question, excuse my ignorance)

In the Manage Packages you can configure a local source for the dll and can import it. Not sure that we have a Nuget package for IBM MQ.

after i import it, how to actually use it? in invoke code?

Yes, you can use Invoke code, or try to write a custom component in .Net and use it.

Thanks. i will try it and get back to you

Hello Sarathi125;

I tried downloading all the packages in package manager that deals with IBM MQ, and i still get the following error running the code from the link above
Any Help is appreciated.

Hi @Ahmed_AbdelRahman,

Not able to see the code inside the Invoke Code activity, looks you are missing some scope closing.

the code is exactly like the one in this link

IBM Documentation

sadly no, it’s not a matter of scope closing, i reviewd it well…


Its better to have a custom component for this, if you have visual studio create a custom component and include in this process.

OK thanks for the help.

Is there a guide for creating custom components on uipath?

Check the below links,