In textbox value not insert from recroding

Hi I am using web recording to insert data in text box checkAmt is variable I am getting value in this variable but when I click on save button then not save after this I remove the value then insert manual value it save successfully.I think this issue occur I am using checkAmt.tostring but when I convert to convert.toint32(chkamt) getting error message implicit conversion int to string

Hi @Aditya10989

maybe your string has Currency on it thats why you cannot convert it to int kindly check please :smiley:

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HI @Aditya10989

The Type Into activity will only accept a String value to be typed. In case you are passing a different type of a variable to be typed, it is required to convert them to string using Variable.ToString as what you have done now. So for the error that you got as implicit conversion is because of that.

You also mentioned that use of type into using variable.ToString was unable to save record. I wonder whether your type into activity is typing the exact same value the application is expecting? Have you checked whether there is any difference between the value that robot types in the field and the value that you type manually?

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@Lahiru.Fernando robot type 13 then click on save button not work then I click textbox delete 13 then manually insert 13 then click on save button then saved I check this 3-4 time.manually work but not work with robot



Have you enabled simulate type option in the type into activity? If yes, try without the simulate type option. Also enable the Click before type option in the type into activity and see how it goes…

not work I am attaching you screen shot click on save error occur when

I removed robotic type by 25 and insert manually then saved.

@Lahiru.Fernando now I checked no need to change any value when I manual click on save button then it successfully saved.But when this done by robot then show above message mention in screen shot and this message will come

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