In drop down specific item not selected

In my drop down two items.As mentioned in attachment.Now I selected Partial Contribution value then it work fine if I selecting Final Contribution then it select Final Contribution after 2 second. it move to select item

Have you tryed multiple Click event, a first one to select the dropdown, and a second one to click on the right element :

like this but not work for me

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On the 2nd click activity : “Click chrome.exe Chrome” the wrong line is selected. Open it with UiExplorer and try to find the right line.

It might be a option tag inside the select like this :

<select name="recoveryType" id="recoveryType-select">
    <option value="">Select...</option>
    <option value="partialConExpRec">Partial Contribution Expense Recovery</option>
    <option value="finalConExpRec">Final Contribution Expense Recovery</option>

And try from the UiExplorer to find the “Partial Contribution Expense Recovery” option !!

like this …?try but not work

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Can you try to remove the simulate click / send windows message? just to see what is doing the mouse.

An other solution is send hotkey, you can move down to your selected content and press enter to select it. But its not the best way, it’s better to use select item or click to complete this kind of actions.

@ppr shall you help me on this…??