How to click the item of Drop-down box

I have a problem that I can’t select the item of Drop-down box, every time I indicate on screen , the Drop-down box is missing.

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Hi ,

You can use type into activity instead of Selecting item of drop down .


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  1. Select Click Activity and click on the drop down box
  2. Select another Click Activity select indicate on screen and click F2(this will provide you the gap of 3 sec)
    3)now in this gap click on the drop down menu and on the drop down menu click and hold until the time gap of 3 seconds gets over. (left click)
  3. then release the mouse button you will see the drop down menu not vanishing and click on the element you want to select.

Hope this would be of help.

Ashley Nihal Dcunha

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but…the item can’t be type in, just can be select…

Hi @guowq,

Try with select Item
or else
Try with click on drop down & select
But use delay in between

Thank you guys~it works

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