Improvements to licensing visibility in Automation Cloud

Improvements to licensing visibility in Automation Cloud

In an upcoming release, we will improve how we display our licensing in the UiPath Portal as part of Automation Cloud™. We are not changing how you buy, what you are entitled to, or the terms and conditions of the licensing with this redesign. The new format will just more clearly reflect current licensing in the Portal to help our enterprise customers, but because it will look a bit different for everyone we wanted to let you know in advance.

What will change?

  • There will now be just 2 sections in the Licensing tab: Users and Robots & Services
  • You will see the official SKU name for each product you own, license count, and also a description
  • We’ve also added a view that show your allocated/unallocated licenses for each SKU on these tabs
  • The licensing page in Orchestrator will be similarly updated

Do I need to take any action?

No. We’re just making sure the new layout isn’t a surprise (and that you know nothing about your licensing rights changes as a result).

Why is this better?

This layout makes it easier for our enterprise customers to:

  • See a description of each SKU available in your license plan and what products it includes, to take full advantage of the capabilities bundled in each SKU’s
  • See how many licenses are allocated to services and how many are still available, in the same place as the other licensing information
  • Immediately see the SKU’s purchased and reconcile them with quotes/invoices if you are an Enterprise customer

What’s the difference between a SKU and a product?

As part of the licensing simplification released with the April 2020 FTS launch , we created role-based SKU offers that include multiple products, to help our customers scale more easily. You can get a full list and more details right here. With this release, the Portal licensing tab will reflect the official SKU names, and the descriptions will detail the products in each SKU you have licensed.

For example, the RPA developer SKU includes several products: Studio, StudioX, Attended Robot and Task Capture. If you have purchased RPA developer SKU’s, you’ll now see that reflected in the licensing tab – with a description of all the components of the SKU you have. Again, this portal change does not alter your licensing rights, it just makes it easier to see the SKU’s you own and know what products you have available to use as a result.

We hope you find these changes deliver an easier and more informative format. Thank you for being a UiPath customer!


@loginerror , this is really grate , for Enterprise customer that will be very valuable

And another thing is what happens to the Home page then,

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva thanks for your comment.

The same structure will be reflected as well in the Homepage and in the pages where the license allocation per tenant is shown.

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OK :+1: :+1: We will bring the feedback after the update :star_struck: waiting for it :heart_eyes:



I would like to buy UIPath, but I can’t find any pricing. I have a quote due to a client tomorrow. Can someone email me to help me price this out?

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@Forum_Staff Could you please take this business call…

@convalytics, please share your location, local UiPath official business partners will reach you.

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Hi @convalytics,
Here is the form to contact with our sales:


@Maneesha_de_silva it’s live starting today :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the notice :partying_face: :partying_face:

what happen if some one having Multiuser License in Enterprise
will it automatically change those names ?

@Raisa_Bragarea @loginerror

GUI and the information upgrade is really awesome and really helps to find as correct

But For the new update, this is my point for the Home page and Licenses page as per the decision of merge into 2 sections

Currently it’s ok, because we may have only a few products on Robot & Services page
I’m sure in the future there will be more services available isn’t it :wink: not only services but also may have another different kind of robots also

Then Robot and services Page will be keeping more SKUs. considering that I still like to keep it as 3 sections, but I’m sure you guys have better plans for the future :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

yes, if someone has Multiuser licenses that will be displayed accordingly

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Thanks for the feedback!

actually we thought a lot about this :smiley: and decided to put them together in one section in the end. If we see the screen gets too cluttered for the Robot and Services tab we may split in the future, but it for the moment we thought it’s better this way.

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Transparency is key and this is a great step in that direction. Nice work!


Mine is stuck with 5/0 licenses. looking so much forward to this to be fixed :wink:
Can’t figure out why that is, since we are not using 5 licenses!

Hi @mdiv

Were you maybe on an Enterprise Cloud trial before?

could be, but i’m uncertain. But if I were, why do I still see this? and where do I see my current license type?
I can inside my Tenant see that I’m licensed.

First step would be to go to:, and check your current license type under Admin->Licenses.

Then, go to Admin->Tenants and check the license allocation of each tenant:

This is a high-level overview of the licenses available for you to be distributed among your tenants from the Automation Cloud.

My current guess is that if you were indeed on a trial before and something went wrong with the downgrade, you kept some licenses within your Orchestrator tenant even though you now have less licenses in the level higher, in the Automation Cloud.

If you could provide the information above, we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Ok, so that make sense, we had some additional licenses for trial, that was assigned. And we have to (un)assign manually. I thought they were automatically (un)assigned.
Now we should be licensed correctly. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction :wink:
I rather have a blue screen upon login than the red one.

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