Improved BuiltIn Support in Orchestrator for Asset Dependencies and Transport Management


running some bots with multiple orchestrators for different stages for a few weeks now the processes of release and change mangement feel somewhat unnessarily complicated.

To support the Release/ChangeManagement it would be great if the orchestrator had support for:

Asset Dependencies
Asserts and Packages are not really connected, so when one verion of a package is transported to another enviroment/orchestrator it’s hard to know which assets a used or maybe not used anymore.
As alyways good documentation will help to tackle this issue but will also increase the potential number of errors.
As this only applies to the (non-) existence of assets and not to its values, a indicator for values set/or not set would also be helpful.
Also the other way around. Maybe a state icon for assets not used by any process/package.

Then trigger an alert if trying to set a package version active whose assets are not yet existing or their values not yet set.

This issue might also apply to the existence of queues, but I’ve not dived enough into this topic to speak about it.

Transport Functionality

Another great thing would be support for transports accross environments, tenants or different orchestrators in the web interface with logging in the audit log(s).
Of course in case of other orchestrators these should be added first as possible transport targets similar to bots.


You’re right and these issues will be solved by Containers in 18.2


Hi Cosin,

this is good to know. Will try to inform myself a bit further into the Container topic if there is already some information available :slight_smile: