How to Manage Process Dependencies

Lately, we have faced lots of issues due to project dependencies where BOT works for Developer machine, however once published its doesn’t work on the end-user machines due to missing dependencies.

I have discovered a solution for this issue, however, just want thoughts and feedback

The solution is before published the process make sure all the project dependencies are upload on orchestrator server as a library, however, this is a manual step and add effort to our publishing.

Want to know if there are a more optimal or efficient way to achieve the same.

Hi @Dalip_Kumar,

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The solution you provided is the best optimal way. We too followed the same in our process after consulting with UIpath support team. This dependency issue happens due to version migration.

Arun Vignesh
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Thanks Arun,

I consider this a very tedious process to validate all dependencies. I have also noticed then some time the sub dependencies are also missing and need to be managed as well. Given this I am planning to create a BOT just to validate dependencies before publishing.

However, I strongly feel that this should be automatically managed by UiPath Studio while creating a package before publishing to the orchestrator.

Let’s hope they fix this in upcoming releases.

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