Improve Orchestrator reporting

It would be nice to have just a basic reporting of whats processed. Now its only one day which is terrible.
For example I want to see and maybe create a export of the proccesed queues in the last month.
I understand that there is UiPath Insights but for the price of Orchestrator license you could put some kind of a basic view/export.

Hi @Petar_Soce,

Do you mean going to the queues and able to see transactions processed earlier than last 30 days?

I believe even if on orchestrator UI, if limit is set to 30 days, you should still be able to access and get a view of processing details by querying database.


Inside queues I can only see 1hour and 1 day. I dont see any option that would allow me to see a que items that was processed last month for example.
How can I query orchestrator database?

Hi @Petar_Soce,

Can you please share screenshots of where/how are you trying to check queue transactions?

I can see transactions even that were processes even 3 months before.



I get it, you are trying to monitor queue from below screen:

May I ask why would you need to monitor queue for transactions processed like months ago?

Monitor feature is basically required to see recent executions on daily basis to check if any changes are detected or not as immediate actions can be taken proactively.

Even if you are able to see Something that have happened months ago, would there be really a need to inspect that?

I understand there might be a need to see what was processed, so if requirement is to simply see what all transactions were processed like months ago, under queues, “View Transactions” feature can be used which shows these details.

Also, you can use Export feature on this window to have all transactions executed under this queue, so that would create an excel report.


I want to be able to see how many transactions were succesful in the last month,or week etc. To create some kind of a statistic graph.
Thank you for the info, will check that out.
Still finding my way around the orchestrator.

Hi @Petar_Soce,

Yes that can be done.

For this, you need to go to queue-> View Transactions and then select filter on top(as shown below) for status ‘successful’. This will show you list of successful transactions and then you can sort by started/ended to see latest ones like week ago or older ones like months ago…

You can filter the records by various other parameters as well like priority, robot that executed that item etc etc.

And once that filtering is done, you can use export option (as shown in previous reply) to export that filtered data.

Happy exploring :slight_smile:


Hi @Petar_Soce,

I agree with you. Orchestrator dashboard is something we ignore, it does not help us have an overview on weekly monthly or yearly time windows.

Some DIY
You can use the logs yourself to build a custom dashboard. The Orchestrator dashboard is quite limited as UiPath does offer another service called Insights they probably will not give more capability in the Orchestrator GUI.

Here is an approach which will work. Ensure you log required values and use the execution logs. For example, in excel (365) you can use power query and get all the robot execution files for from the robot logs folder. Power query will help you transform the data to a tabular format and then you can use the table to make any visualization necessary. The same can be done by using pandas and visualization tools in Python.

If you are looking for a way to build a custom dashboard within your organization, I have a write up in this thread: Logs - ElasticSearch - Help / Insights - UiPath Community Forum. The Nlog part will be similar, you can choose any visualization software thereafter.

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Hello Everyone,
With 22.4 we plan to address two of the improvements mentioned in this Thread.
We will extend the time windows selection to include 1 Week and 1 Month as well as make it available to view aggregated data for all Tenant Folders the user has access to.
Kind Regards,

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