Despite having a dozen queues no transaction metrics are shown in the orchestrator dashboard

UiPath Gurus,

I’ve noticed that we see no data in the transactions dashboard despite having a dozen queues with literally hundreds of items processed. We’ve never seen data there. I’ve seen data in the training orchestrator (

Let’s assume this is not a date filter issue. Could it be because we use Tenants and Organization Units?


I have the same issue and would like to know how to solve this!


Basically, I was told this was a known issue in my version of the orchestrator. We updated the orchestrator to a new version (2018.2.3) and the issue was resolved.

Here is a snippet of the response.


Deeksha Vashishtha (UiPath Help Desk)

Nov 16, 15:30 IST

Hi Chris,

This is the known issue in 18.1.3 version, we will request you to upgrade it to 2018.1.7V. Please find msi for the same:


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Unfortunately I’m using the 2018.2.6 Orchestrator and the issue is still present.