Orchestrator Queue Reporting

How can we make reporting about orchestrator’s queue process details?

Can anybody help me?



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Hi @Canberk

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May I know what sorts of reporting are you planning to do on orchestrator queue process details?

You can also check queue reports in orchestrator as well. Real time monitoring as well as queue processing status under queue options

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

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Mainly, I need know execution time of queue and is that queue succeeded or not?

Thanks again.

And I need that report in pdf format or other types of files.

Hmm… You have this option if you wish to have a look

This will show what really happened and what’s the current state of the Queue. apart from that, you can also download the data in the queue to an excel file. Then you can use that excel file to filter based on the status which shows whether there are any failed, in progress or abandoned records that needs your attention.

If that is not what you need, then you might need to get access to the Orchestrator database where you can write queries to get the required output.


Thank you for return, but ı am quite new in orchestrator environment. So, can you give an example(.xaml) for downloading the data in the queue to an excel file.

HI @Canberk

You don’t need to write a xaml file to download the queue data. You can directly do it from the Orchestrator itself. Go to Queues page, and when you hover the mouse on the queue you’ll see an option to the right to get more options. There click on view transactions…

Once you get there, on the top, you’ll see a blue color download button. It will download all the data in the queue to an excel file

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Hi @Canberk

I know that this is quite late, but I have documented a step-by-step solution to your request. You can check it out here:

Exporting Queue via Email

Hope this is still helpful

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