Import csv. Data in Excel

Hello guys,

i want to import a csv. Data in Excel like going to the File Section in Excel and then Open the csv. Data there. So the Text import wizard will pop up where i can choose the delimiter and so on. But of course i want it to be automated and i have no clue which activities to use.

In this topic is a picture of what i mean. The last pic:

I appriciate any help!!!

sorry guys i mean the very last pic in the referred topic like when you click on the topic and scroll down.

Doesn’t the suggestions in the thread you linked to, work for you?

Option 1: Use Read CSV and Excel Write Range
Option 2: Use Read Text File, Generate Data Table and Excel Write Range

You can use TAB delimiter and copy the CVS content as String to the clipboard with “Set to Clipboard Activity” and then TypeInto “[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]”

Not the most elegant solution though :slight_smile: