Import all present dictionary keys into a dropdown menu

I have an excel sheet. The excel doc has 3 columns, name, email, account info. I imported this into a data table and then into 2 dictionaries: emailDictionary and accountDictionary. In both, the name is the key. I would like to output all the keys (which will be a dynamic amount) into a form for the user to select the proper info. If it isn’t possible to do in a form I can do this through any activity that allows the selection.


Hope the following sample helps you.

emailDictionary = dt.AsEnumerable.ToDictionary(Function(r) r("name").ToString,Function(r) r("email").ToString)
accountDictionary = dt.AsEnumerable.ToDictionary(Function(r) r("name").ToString,Function(r) r("account info").ToString)


keys = emailDictionary.Keys.Union(accountDictionary.Keys).ToArray() (9.1 KB)

If you need to display not only key but also other information, need to modify the above expression.


I would suggest using UiPath Forms.

There was a similar post here : Forms activities: pass option values - Help / Forms - UiPath Community Forum

You would just need to convert your datatable into a dictionary.

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