Dictionary use

Hi all , I want to extract values from drop down combo & want to store those values in dictionary data type. If drop-down combo contains same value for eg. {Stud.id, address,mobile,mail, mobile} now Mobile is getting repeated so I want to rename second mobile key as mobile2.
How should I implement?


@naveen19 To get all values from a Dropdown , Check if Find Children Activity Works,
Use Find Children Activity on the Dropdown, The result will be an IEnumerable List of UiElement, Then you can iterate the List of UiElements and get the values in it by using the “aaname” attribute of the UiElement. First, Check if Find Children will get you all Dropdown values ,then we’ll try and implement Dictionary Method :sweat_smile:

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@supermanPunch Couldn’t get values using find children. its static values it wont get change as per my application so let me use variable to store those values in dictionary ( data type), as i mentioned if there is repeated name how should i rename ?


@naveen19 It’s Static? So do you want to hardcode the values into the Dictionary?

@supermanPunch drop down list key are static but value will be get different for each student
so i hard coded key & for a value i passed variable name from where am holding the value of key.
now thing is i need to iterate the the keys & want to check , then i need to modify the second mobile key as mobile2. how should i do. even though if i hard coded am getting error as “Assign: An item with the same key has already been added.” i dont know how to solve this.

@naveen19 Do you have a Workflow built, Can you send it, We can have a better understanding of what you want to do and what can be done :sweat_smile:

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Dictionary_Loop.xaml (7.6 KB)
i didn’t add renaming key part in this flow.

@naveen19 You can’t initialise the Dictionary with the same key as well :sweat_smile:, You can Initilaise the Second mobile with mobile2 While initialising itself , Can you tell me there’s a Reson you won’t do that :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch am having 4 dropdown coloums , if the 1st drop down also contains mobile no & 4th drop down also contains mobile no how can i pass these values to data entry page, condition is what ever the key in 1st drop down i must place the mobile no as 1st.

@naveen19 Can you send a Screenshot of the Dropdown Columns that you have?

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@supermanPunch oops i could’nt share its confidential :frowning:
Like this combo box with same dropdown values
if 1st box contains student name & 3rd & 4th box contains mobile no while am doing data entry i want to place 1st drop down as mobile no & 2nd is name 2rd is that another mobile no etc.
hope this may clear.

@naveen19 Oh it 's ok then. Need to Understand it more deeply now :sweat_smile:
Can you Explain in Steps the process that you are doing in manual way?

5 drop down box are there each of them contains some value , am holding the values in variable using get text i extracted.
say for eg 1st box is name 2nd mobile no 3d address 4th fax 5th mobile got selected
now i extracted appropriate values
now moving another page to do entry
in this i want to place 1st dropdown as mobile no
2nd is name
3d is address
4th fax
5th mobile no & saving the form

@naveen19 Why does the arrangement change in the Second page? Do you want to Map the abel Name to it’s Value, and in the Next page Wherever there is the Label Name you need to use the Value of it, Is it like that ?

Yes extactly. the second page also contains the same page as i copied but there always 1st combo box should get selected as mobile no

@naveen19 What about the 5th Mobile No. ?

it should goes to 2nd drop down box

@naveen19 So in the Second page, the labels will be in this Mobile, Mobile, and other Columns ?

second page drop down also same as 1st page we need to go & select the things from dropdow & want to enter the values

@naveen19 Ok, Are you able to Fill in the Values for other Columns Except Mobile Columns ?