How to convert dictionary to datatable in uipath

I have a dictionary as an output. that has to be converted to a datatable

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  1. Build data table with two columns key and value.
  2. For each loop for dictionary
  3. for each item Add data row ArrayRow{item.key, item.value} output of build data table
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@Hema_Tangellapalli First Create a Datatable of Two Columns for Storing the Dictionary Values,Then You can use For Each Loop of the Dictionary and set the index of For Each
Inside For Each Use Add Data row Activity
In the Array Row Property Specify the value in this way : {yourDictionVariable.Keys(index),yourDictionVariable.Values(index)}
Set the Datatable Name

I guess this will work

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@Pradeep_Shiv tried in this way. it worked. Thanks a lot

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i havent tried this. Thanks for the suggestion @supermanPunch

Great @Hema_Tangellapalli
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