Dropdown in UiPath form issue with Dictionary

I have created one dropdown in UiPath form and the dropdown list are populated via Dictionary (String, string).

But the dropdown is listing only values instead of Key names, and when I select any value, its storing key name not the other around.

Is it bug or issue in UiPath form?

Hi @Debartha_Mitra_DE,
Iā€™m pretty sure @Tamilselvan will help with it :slight_smile:

Hi @Debartha_Mitra_DE It is not a bug. Usually when you use dictionary, it will be value, display text.
so it is opposite to c#'s dictionary key, value

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Thank you for your reply.

I got your point but it should be according to c# dictionary key, value, right.
Anyhow it should be documented in UiPath knowledge center so everyone will be aware of.


use instead vbNewLine the HTML Tags