Impact of migrating on prem orch to cloud orch

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We are planning to migrate orchestrator 2019.4 version to uipath cloud orchestrator latest version. I got some idea what will be the impact for old processes and other components. I would like to know what will be the impact. Any ideas from the uipathians would be very helpful.



Please have a look on this

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Hi palaniyappan,

Thanks for your reply. I have already gone through the link you shared. I felt it is more generic. My scenario is like we have on prem prod orchestrator version 2019.4. Now our organisation is planning to create centralised orchestrator it may be on prem or cloud latest orch. They central COE team is going to create tenant and give it to us. What will be the impact if we move our own prod orch to the tenant in the latest version orch. We have around 50 processes in prod. What will be the impact of all the components, data and work flows. Share your thoughts.


Currently also you are using a centralized orchestraror?

If yes then it’ll be easier as the entire orchestraror datatable will establish a new connection link to the new orchestraror.

Use the UiPath configuration tool and mostly importantly the Orchestraror Manager.

As it seems a big deployment activity, suggest you to involve the UiPath technical support team/marketing team that is providing you assistance in licensing. They can suggest you better ways to approach in your specific scenario.

Main change is that modern folders needs to be analyzed and taken only when you have full knowledge. You can opt to use classics folder for sometime but that’s depreciated.

The process grouping in environments will be a point of concern, make sure we do use Orchestraror Manager wisely

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your detailed explanation.

Yes currently we are using like centralized orchestrator for americas. But our organisation in future planning to keep one centralized orchestrator in Sweden(on-prem or cloud not yet decided) and they are going to use their own DB and they will become super admins and they will create one separate tenant for americas. In this case we will lose our entire data. I am preparing impact analysis for this case. Wanted know our community is there any impact analysis for this scenario. Anyway as you suggested we will connect with uipath tech team in case of migration activity.


Impact would considerable in this case, you’ll lose your data only if you don’t get the database migrated in the new database. As the Sweden team will have thier DB, that DB can be simply created by replicating current one, that would help to stay backend same. Coming to mapping, Orchestrator manager and configuration tool would help you to take right action. Make sure you do it for stage orchestraror and then after 1 week for production, if you have both.

Happy upgrading! You’ll see a new UiPath soon for work. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much rahul

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