UiPath Orchestrator On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Hi All,

We are currently planning for UiPath On-Premise Orchestrator migration from 2020.10.8 to Cloud Orchestrator 2021.10, can anyone please help us with few queries as mentioned below.

  1. Do we need to upgrade On-Premise Orchestrator to the same version as the cloud(2021.10) before migration?
  2. If anyone has done that, can you please share the pros and cons and also basic pre-requisites which need to be followed before migration?

Thanks in advance.

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Is 2020.10.8 currently hosted on on-premises cloud?

Yes, It’s currently on Azure Cloud VM managed by the our team.

The biggest challenge with on-premises orchestrator upgrade is authentication as the upgrade scripts provide by uipath is for public azure and some times it runs into error while executing.

If you take my suggestion run setup a separate app service with 2020.10.8 with a copy of existing DB and run the upgrade scripts on it, if you dont face any challenge then only plan for actual application.

Here is the link having steps to execute the scripts

Thanks for the details @svashishth .

My main objective is to migrate On-Premise Orchestrator to UiPath Cloud Orchestrator.
So is it mandatory to be on the same version as Cloud Orchestrator before migration.

Yes! you might want to setup the same version of orchestrator on cloud(FTP all files to cloud along with configuration) before planning to upgrade or just upgrade it their itself(on-premises) and then migrate to to cloud, you can also raise a technical support request with Uipath. Below is the link