IMAP doesn't work anymore

GET IMAP is not working anymore. It used to work perfectly in windows 7, since I switched to windows 10 it doesn’t worked. Tried everything A-Z…
Occasionally it will work that also once in the script and even complete loop…

Hi @Munish_Jain1 !
Welcome to UiPath Community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
:point_right:Is an error thrown ?

  • If yes, may you send us a screenshot of the error in debug mode ?
  • If no, did you check that you have some mails to read ? Or does it make a timeout ?

:point_right:What is your Studio Version ? Community or Enterprise ? If Community did you use the stable version ?
:point_right:What is the version of the UiPath.Mail package ? Did you update it to the latest version ?