Imap doesn't work

Hello guys!
I’m studying lesson 11 - Email Automation Part 1 - Interacting with emails, and I’m not getting the exercise. Imap does not work. I’ve checked several forums, tried all the solutions including creating a password for the application inside Google. What can it be? I noticed that several exercises are outdated and do not work, as in the case of this example and the pdf too?

I have done the IMAP setup and it works fine. Try the below link:

Hi, @nadim.warsi, error thank you for your attention. I had done it that way before. I generated the 16-digit password. However, it is wrong. I’ve switched to all the secureconnection options, but I was not successful.

have you done the setting to enable imap for gmail
Follow the steps to enable IMAP using the link:

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Yes. I already use imap normally. Is enabled!

Below is about enabling imap

Below is count the nunber of read and un read mails from a folder in gmail using imap

I am doing this lesson. What to enter in email and password field in IMAP properties?